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Last week, we brought you the news that we were re-opening on Monday 18th May, and well, here we are. It goes without saying, the safety of our customers and our staff is absolutely paramount, therefore, significant changes have had to be made to the way we work. It is just our Service Department which has re-opened, on reduced hours, which will be reviewed week upon week. Our hours of business this week are: Monday & Tuesday 8.00am-5.00pm Wednesday 8.00am-2.00pm. We will be closed for the remainder of the week to concentrate on stock control/parts ordering, clerical work, and of course, to continue to call customers to schedule appointments as promised. If you have asked us to contact you and haven’t yet received a response, this is still an ongoing process and we still aim to have completed this task by the end of the week; a very sincere thanks for your patience and loyalty.
Work in our Service Department is to be carried out on strictly an appointment only basis. If you should need us, or of course wish to make a booking, our phone line 01909 500733 will be in operation Mon-Sat, 8.00am-5.00pm, not just in this weeks’ hours of opening. 01909 500733 will continue to be the best phone line to contact us on until we update you on this further. Please rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to keep you and your vehicle safe whilst on our premises. We have a temporary Service Reception area set up immediately through the door in our Sales Department, allowing one person in at a time, where you will be served by a member of staff behind a screen. We will take care of your vehicle whilst it is with us by applying seat coverings, steering wheel coverings, cleaning switches we may have to touch, along with door handles etc. We will remove our coverings and re-clean touched surfaces before the vehicle is handed back to you. Also, we kindly ask people dropping their vehicles off to remove as many of their personal belongings as possible and to leave their service books and locking wheel nut socket (if required) on the passenger seat. Our Sales Department will remain closed in accordance with Government guidelines, which are to be reviewed by them on 1st June. We will re-open our Sales Department when two factors have been satisfied - one being the guidance being reviewed; and two being once we have established a safe way of running this operation whilst still delivering the customer service level many of you have become accustomed to. Along with this, our Valeting Bay will also remain closed until further notice. We will continue to post regularly to keep you updated of the various changed being made. Thank you, take care, stay safe.