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MOT Testing - COVID-19 Update No. 2 - 06/04/2020. On 25th March 2020, the Transport Secretary announced a six month extension on MOT due dates for cars, light vans and motorcycles because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Cars, light vans and motorcycles with a current MOT expiry date of 30/03/2020 and beyond automatically qualified for this extension. Don't worry, this is still the case, however, it has been drawn to our attention where MOT expiry dates may have not been updated when using the MOT history check facility. There is no need to panic if you are seeing in big letters at the top of this page that your vehicles' MOT expires soon.
On the grapevine we have heard that the DVLA are doing these in batches, and if your MOT was due to expire within the next seven days these should have been updated. If your MOT test, for example, was due to expire on 30/04/2020, you may not see this date change to what would become 30/10/2020 until the 23/04/2020. We have been running a check to see whether this has been happening, and indeed it has been. If there does become cases where you a keeping an eye on your vehicles' MOT due date using the online checkers, and it has not been updated, again, don't panic, follow this link:…/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-van… If you scroll half way down this page you will see a section headed by 'If your MOT has expired and its expiry date has not been extended'. Under this there is a DVSA email address where you should send an email to with your vehicles' registration number and the date that your MOT expired (although it won't have actually expired). We hope that you have found this updated information useful, and we do hope that you all know that even though we are temporarily closed, we are still here to help you either over the phone (01909 500733), email ( or drop us a message on this Facebook page. On a final note, we hope that this post finds you and your families safe during this very worrying time.